Don't be fooled by impostures!  All Xtreme Lighting Products' Light Bars are true CREE LED Light Bars! 

Xtreme Lighting Product's - "VIXEN" CREE LED Light Bars & Work lights 

Great for off road and open road use. Combo light pattern, projecting flood and spot light

Includes bottom mounting bracket and plug.

Product Details: 

* LED = 5W CREE 
* Water Resistant = IP68 & IP69K
* DuPont painting, Aluminum housing
* Operating Temp: -40 to 145 Degrees (Celcius) 
* 50,000 hours average life span
* Pass CE, RoHS, UV Vibration, Anti-interference, Salt fog, High & Low temperature, drop ball impact etc.

*Brackets Included = Standard Bottom Mounting Brackets